Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just stop to think.... "would you have met your guy, would I have met my girl? Would you and I have ever met outside this Polka world? Polkas bring togetherness to friends and family.... without Polkas think how different life would be."

These are a few of the lyrics from the song penned some 20+ years ago by Eddie Siewic and Prime Drive. Despite being two decades old, the words are truer still today. I ask each of you to stop for just one moment and think about what Polka music really means to you. Not so much the music, but perhaps the aura that really is "polka music". What has it done for you? More so, where would you be without it? Take several minutes and reflect on that...

I can't imagine anyone reading this would not be missing something grandiose in their life had they never been introduced to the music of our heritage. Take a handful of your best friends... without Polka music, would you even know of their existence?

Polka music has given us so much, and never asked anything in return. But it's time to repay the favor. The notion that Polkas are dying is one that I just refuse to accept. And you should too. So I will end this very brief blog entry by altering a phrase from one of our greatest Presidents...

Think not of what Polka Music has done for you, think what you can do for Polka Music. In whatever way you are able to, please do. Because after all, I'd hate to see what life would be like without Polkas... wouldn't you?

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