Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sprinkles, my friend

This blogging thing is quite difficult. You may think otherwise, but it truly is. Perhaps that's why I often times go months to years without updating. But as I sit alone tonight (Mel is working for at least two more hours), I feel it necessary to sit down and pour out a few of my thoughts and feelings. I suppose I start by addressing the title of the blog....

I was at work. And I was having a great day there, laughing and joking with my comrades about a recent change I made to my email notification. It was midweek and the work-week was really tolerable, not busy, not obnoxious; it was just a great day to be at work. I remember stepping away from my desk for a few minutes, probably just to go waste time as we state employees generally do best according to most. My phone was ringing as I returned to my station, and I vividly remember my cube-mate saying to me "Dude, your woman has been calling." Just as I returned, my phone was still ringing so I picked it up. And as I generally do, I answered with jubilation, expecting an equally joyous response on the other end. Mel was on the other line, and she was frantic. "It's Sprinkles, he's dead... I came home and he's not moving. He won't respond." My heart sank and I immediately rushed home...

Now if you've followed us for any period of time, you will know that Sprinkles is our first born.....feline. At least we think he is. We only say that because he was the smallest. He was our "little guy" and I can tell you that I miss our little guy every single day. Whether going to bed without interruptions under the covers in between us (where he liked to sleep) or waking up with gel still in my hair (because he generally licked it all out), we will always remember our little guy. He didn't have a care in the world. He was adventurous, he was brave, he was strong and he was daring. In many ways, our little guy was what all of us should strive to be. He had no enemies, only friends. He loved everyone he ever met and anyone that met him felt the same.

Pavlova still looks for him daily, but is starting to take on some of his memorable qualities. He joins us in bed, plays ball again, and every evening when I say "Goodnight" to Sprinkles, I know that I can count on turning around and seeing Pavlova's stare. He knows his little brother is gone, how much he is missed, and how much he was loved.

Years ago when I found Delilah on the streets of Harrisburg, she was in need of a home. I could not turn her away and I provided her with the loving home she needed. Going back to previous blogs you will know that she did not come alone... She had two wonderful, loving, obedient and loyal kittens which we named "Sprinkles" and "Pavlova".

They say good things come in small packages and with our "little guy", that's certainly the case.

We will love our "Monkeys" always....

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